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The Ideas Squad was established at Ysgol Abercaseg to give the pupils an opportunity to voice their opinions and make decisions regarding various aspects of school life. The Ideas Squad reacts to issues raised by the children themselves and is a successful method of developing the role of the pupils in the way the school is run.

Here are the members of the Ideas Squad who have been elected by their fellow pupils and have agreed to do their very best to improve Ysgol Abercaseg and assist others. There are two representatives from every class and they hold regular meetings during the school year.

To promote school attendance, the Ideas Squad decided to present a special silver cup to the class with the best attendance every month. The percentage attendance of every class is displayed on a mural in the hall and on the notice-board outside the school. They also decided to give an attendance certificate in traffic lights form to every child monthly to raise everybody’s awareness of their individual attendance. Then, at the end of each term, those pupils whose attendance is 100% receive a success certificate and to end the school year, those who have not missed a session receive a special award.

The Ideas squad decided to promote school attendance through providing their peers with a presentation on how to correctly wash their hands to protect from germs spreading. “Clean hands, a Healthy School!”

The Ideas Squad are always searching for fun methods to keep everybody healthy and happy at the school. To ensure that, they organize a Healthy Week during the Summer term. This year, every child was awarded a certificate for achieving 5 healthy challenges at home during the week, namely eat a healthy breakfast, eat 5 fruits or vegetables daily, do physical exercise, drink water and try out something new. Then to finish off the week, a healthy golden afternoon was organized where all had an opportunity to enjoy playing games, dancing, preparing a fruit salad, design an adventure path and design posters.


Once a year the Ideas Squad collects three wishes from each class regarding ways of improving the school and then meets to consider and plan ways of fulfilling these wishes. The Ideas Squad gets together regularly to organize the work and review progress and ensures that fellow pupils are included in all decision making.

A successful method of consulting with their fellow pupils employed by the Ideas Squad is to pose a question on the outside blackboard inviting the children to respond with their comments and suggestions during break time.

An important element of the Ideas Squad’s responsibility is to arrange activities to raise money for local and national charities. The Ideas Squad consults with each class and then meets to discuss the suggestions concerning fund raising activities and which good cause to support.

Pudsey picnic It was decided to ask everybody to dress up and bring £1.00 to school. The pupils and parents have been very busy preparing numerous cakes and biscuits and the children enjoyed a large Pudsey picnic in aid of Children In Need.

Blue for Water Day The Ideas Squad recognize the importance of drinking clean water and regular handwashing and after learning that everybody overseas are not as fortunate as us, the Squad decided to organize a Blue for Water Day. Everybody were made aware at a special service and they came to school dressed in blue and brought money towards Water Aid campaign. During the day, various activities were enjoyed to learn more about the importance of water in life, and how fortunate we are in Wales.

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