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Cymraeg | English

Oriel Ynys Mon


Year 2 pupils visited Oriel Ynys Mon to mark 100 years since the birth of Syr Kyffin Williams. The pupils had an opportunity to have a look at his drawings and imitate his work. They saw a portrait of the great grandfather of one of the pupils who attends the school .


Crossing the Road


Year 1 pupils discussed and practised crossing the road safely. Weekly road crossing sessions will be held for the term.



Fitness Friends Club
This year, the pupils will have an opportunity to join in with the Fitness Friends. The pupils will have an opportunity to participate in various activities, games and sports to keep fit.

We extend a warm welcome to Miss Roberts, our new deputy. We look forward to supporting and working with her in her new role.



School Closed Today (07/02/18)

School closed today due to the weather

Dirprwy Bennaeth Newydd (Welsh only available...)

Rydym yn edrych ymlaen yn arw i groesawu Dirprwy Bennaeth newydd i'r ysgol yn syth ar ol gwyliau'r Pasg. Penodwyd Miss Catrin Gwenllian Roberts i'r swydd gan y Llywodraethwyr y tymor diwethaf ac mae pawb yn yr ysgol yn falch iawn o'r penodiad.

Thank you


Mrs Griffiths would like to thank all the children and families of Bethesda that have been a special part of her life over the years. She would also like to thank all the staff that have worked with her at Ysgol Abercaseg. Time has flown by, and every moment has been worth while.




Staff, pupils and Governors extend best wishes to Mrs Griffiths – the school deputy – who is retiring after 32 years as a teacher at ysgol Abercaseg. A farewell service was held and it was pleasing to reminisce with former headteachers and Governors.


Glan Ogwen Church


Year 2 spent a morning at Glan Ogwen Church learning about Christmas rituals.The children acted out the nativity story, decorated biscuits and created decorations relating to the festival. Thanks to Father John for the welcome.


Christmas Shows


Following weeks of rehearsals, the nursery pupils performed their show in front of their parents at the school. The hall was full and everybody were thrilled to bits. The remaining pupils performed their show - Y Goeden Fach Hardd – at Ysgol Dyffryn Ogwen. Thanks to all the pupils for their commitment and hard work and thanks to staff at Ysgol Dyffryn Ogwen for their co-operation.


Brenhines y Crawiau


The pupils enjoyed Brenhines y Crawiau show at Neuadd Ogwen. It was pleasing to see former-pupils – who are members of Crawiau drama club – starring. All the audience eyes were fixed at the stage and everybody commended the pupils talents.


Christmas Dinner and Santa Claus


A fun-filled day was enjoyed at the end of term. Anti Marian cooked a Christmas feast for everybody and we thank her and the entire kitchen staff for their hard work. There was also an unexpected visit, and the children’s faces were a wonder to behold when welcoming Santa Claus and we thank him and Tesco Bethesda for their generosity.



Christmas Jumper


Thanks to Ffrindiau’r Byd for organizing Christmas Jumper day. £105 was raised towards Save the Children and all the children were very smartly dressed.



PC Beca


PC Beca visited the school to talk about safe places. She showed pupils a cartoon of children playing around the village. Whilst watching the cartoon, the pupils learnt that they should not wander off without telling their parents, and that only specific places like parks are safe to play in.


Learning about old toys


Gwenda Williams from Storiel was welcomed to the school to show old toys to the pupils. They had fun carefully playing with the toys as well as learning about the past.



Christmas Boxes


Friends of the World group made arrangements for the school to collect Christmas boxes for the T4U charity. 30 boxes were collected, and every class learnt about the importance of goodwill.



Children In Need


Everybody wore onsies and pyjamas on Children In Need day raising £130 towards the appeal. Thanks to everybody for contributing.



Eisteddfod Dyffryn Ogwen


Congratulations to all the pupils who were winners at various competitions held at Eisteddfod Dyffryn Ogwen.




Although Bethesda Spar Shop has now closed, Green Fingers wish to sincerely thank the shop for contributing gardening equipment for the school. I am certain that their generous gift will benefit all the pupils.

Fancy Dress Disco


The pupils had fun dancing at the disco before the school closed for half-term holiadys. Everybody appeared very frightening, and were a marvel to behold.





Dreigiau Caseg organized an afternoon of activities to accompany Diwrnod Su’mae. The children went from class to class to watch Welsh programmes, use Welsh apps and dance to Welsh music. Some of the Dreigiau also handed out posters to promote starting all conversations in Welsh to shops in Bethesda. The Dreigiau’s hard work has led to the school being awarded the Language Charter gold award for the third time. Congratulations and thanks very much for your hard work.



New Books


Thanks to Friends of the school for collecting £800 to buy books to place in the pupils reading bags. The entire school staff appreciate your hard work and every child will benefit from your gift.






The school has a new Twitter account. Anybody is welcome to follow us at @Ysgol Abercaseg1 to enjoy seeing pictures and stories of the pupils activities.







Storm Ophelia


Following the severe weather, Year 2 investigated the impact of the storm. The pupils were astounded at the heat and strange smell that cast a shadow over Bethesda before the strong winds arrived.




Nursery class pupils


We welcome Nursery Class pupils to the school as well as some other pupils who are new arrivals. We trust that last year’s year 2 pupils have settled down at Pen y Bryn, and that they’re working hard.




plantEvery Group – Sgwad Syniadau, Ffrindiau’r Byd, Bysedd Gwyrdd, Ffrindiau Ffitrwydd and Dreigiau Caseg – have eleceted new members. Dreigiau Caseg have already been busy encouraging all the pupils to speak Welsh whilst out playing on the yard. Every group will in turn hold an afternoon of activities to teach the rest of the school about their work.







Newyddion 9

Newyddion 9 TV crew visited the school to film Stephen Jones from the Anelu company talking about the Bethesda mountaineering festival. As well as Stephen, there was a visit from Llywarch and Callum, surfer and climber to talk about their adventures. Callum – who comes from Bethesda – showed photos of himself climbing in every corner of the world. The pupils had an opportunity to have a look at climbing and surfing gear and this hopefully will spur them on to enjoy local outdoor facilities.




Forest School


Some of the pupils visited Parc Meurig to learn how to respect the environment. They had an opportunity to safely ignite a fire and enjoy a bellyful of toasted marshmallows.




Urdd Sports Club


The sports club has re-started and this year, reception class pupils have had an opportunity to join in the fun.






Clwb Coginio
plantYear 1 and 2 children have been learning how to prepare healthy food in the after school cooking club. The club has also been an opportunity to learn the importance of buying Fair Trade produce. During the last session parents were invited to taste the food.






Oes Rhaid i mi Ddeffro?
plantEvery class saw the show Oes Rhaid i mi Ddeffro? performed by Arad Goch at Neuadd Ogwen. It was an amusing and energetic show and it was pleasing to see every child laughing their heads off when enjoying the adventures of both characters. At the end of the performance, everybody had an opportunity to join in using materials to portray dreams.


Healthy Week
To end healthy week – organized by Sgwad Syniadau – an activties afternoon was held. The children ate fruit salad, danced, drew posters, and thanked the Urdd staff for holding fitness activities on the playground. Certificates were also awarded to everybody who had been busy throughout the week doing ‘Healthy Challenges’ at home. Thanks to all parents who assisted their children and their challenges, ensuring that they drink enough water, eat fruits and vegetables and keep fit.

PC Meirion
plantPC Meirion visited the school for the last time as he is about to retire. On this occasion, he taught the children on who can assist them in an emergency, emphasising the importance of remembering their addresses and their parents telephone numbers. For many of the children, the climax of his visit was wearing different types of police helmets. Everybody at the school thank PC Meirion for his support, and wish him a happy retirement.


Transfer Day
plantThe pupils who will be starting in the Nursery class in September spent a morning at the school and Year 2 pupils visited Ysgol Pen y Bryn for the day. It is sad to think about them leaving the school at the end of term as all of them have contributed to the life of the school since they started at the school almost four years ago. Best wishes to them in year 3.


Dyffryn Ogwen Show
plantAlthough the show was postponed, the pupils art work was adjudicated. Congratulations to everybody from every class who won.



Tiny Beasts
plantThanks to Cwmni’r Fran Wen for visiting the school to perform Tiny Beasts puppet show. Every pupil enjoyed the fun performance and they had an opportunity to fire their imagination whilst hearing enriching language and learning about a local story. It walso provided an opportunity for the teachers to gather creative ideas.




Tipi Ni
plantA group of the pupils filmed for Tipi Ni programme. The programme will soon be shown on S4C and the children will talk about the places and stories in Bethesda.



Litter gathering
plantThanks to Neville Huws and Ann Williams from Balchder Bro Ogwen for assisting Green Fingers group to gather litter around Abercaseg. The children were surprised to see so much litter and several bin bags were collected in little time.


Road Safety
plantAs Ysgol Abercaseg will soon become a 20 mile per hour zone, a poster Design competition was held to notify people of this change. Congratulations to Osian ac Ethan, their winning posters will be converted into signs that will be displayed on roads near the school.


An Italian Afternoon
plantThe Friends of the World group decided to organize an Italian afternoon at the school to learn about the country’s customs. Mrs Fran D’Amora who is married to an Italian, and who is the mother of two pupils at the school, gave a talk on Italian foods and we had fun learning Italian. We thank her very much. Thanks also to the kitchen staff for preparing a lunch time Italian feast, everybody loved eating pasta and ice cream. To end the afternoon, the children participated in various Italian related activities in their classes.


plantSchool sports were held before half term. It was pleasing to see the field full of parents enjoying looking at their children running and jumping. All of them were not winners, but all the children enjoyed themselves and well done to them for doing their very best.




plantThe current class theme is roots and in order to learn about the growth of plants and growth of flowers and vegetables, all the classes have been planting in the garden. Hopefully, we will soon have a garden full of potatoes, carrots and onions.






Looking after our teeth
plantSara from Cynllun Gwên gave a talk to Nursery class pupils about the importance of brushing teeth and not eating or drinking too much sugar. Every child clean their teeth daily in school to ensure that everybody has polished clean teeth.






Easter Hats Parade
plantTo promote re-cycling, a creating Easter hats competition was held from recycled objects. Colourful shows were held as every class in turn paraded and modelled their hats. It was pleasing to see the hall full of parents enjoying and thanks to them for being so hard working in assisting our children to create very smart hats. Thanks also to Mrs Janet Jones and Mrs Ann Wiiliams for representing the governors as adjudicators, and to Tesco and Anti Edwina for contributing prizes. Congratulations to the three winners from each class.

100% Attendance
Congratulations to those pupils who received certifiactes for attending the school everyday during the term. This is quite a feat considering that the first months of the year are a period when colds occur!

Stories and Clog Dancing
plantThe author Anni Llŷn and the clog dancer Tudur Phillips visited the school to read and dance with the children. Anni read some of her stories and poems and Tudur taught the children to clog dance. Thanks very much to both of them.




Visit to Storiel
plantThe pupils visited Storiel museum in Bangor to learn about house cleaning habits in by gone days. A singing session was held, questions were answered and acting sessions held with the actress Leisa Mererid and huge enjoyment gained from wearing clothing from by-gone days. Everybody were also guided around the museum to learn about old artefacts.



Urdd Sports
plantA weekly sports club is held for Urdd members from years 1 and 2. The pupils practice team work, keep fit, learn ball skills and are looking forward to continue with this after the Easter holidays.





Wearing blue clothes
The school’s Sgwad Syniadau held a day to collect money to assist children in the countries of Africa an Asia to obtain clean water to drink and wash. The pupils paid 50p to wear blue clothes and £66 was raised.

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Dydd Gŵyl Dewi

Fair Trade
plantMrs Helen Davies visited the school to talk about the banana’s journey to teach the children about the importance of purchasing Fair Trade products. She explained that buying the produce ensured fair opportunities for the producers. The pupils have made huge efforts to bring Fair Trade stickers to school. Thanks to Mrs Davies for once again visiting the school.






Staying Safe
plantThanks to Gwawr from the Fire Brigade for coming to educate years 1 and 2 about the dangers of fire. She discussed her work and clothing emphasising the importance of smoke alarms. Well done to all those children who went home, reminding their parents to test their smoke alarms.



Poster Winners Competition
plantCongratulations to the five winners of Green Fingers Group poster competition.The winning posters will be displayed around the school to remind everybody of the importance of switching off lights to save energy and money.




St David’s Day
plantEverybody wore Welsh clothing to celebrate St David’s Day. The classes participated in folk dancing, writing poems and doing art work in remembrance of their Patron saint.





Thanks to Tesco
plantThanks to Tesco Bethesda for organizing a raffle on behalf of the school and collecting a very generous amount of money.





Visitors from other schools
plantTeachers from schools from across North Wales visited the school to observe how the pupils work independently when fulfilling challenges in the class zones. It was pleasing to hear the children confidently talking, and thanks to all of them for working hard.





World Book Day
plantIt was very colourful at the school as the children celebrated World Book Day. Everybody enjoyed displaying, discussing and reviewing various books.





PC Meirion
plantOnce again, we welcomed PC Meirion, and thank him for teaching the children about the safe use of medication.





Dona Direidi
plantWe received a surprise one Friday morning as Dona Direidi visited the school to open Caseg Dragons Fair and visited each class in turn. We had fun listening to her reading stories, dancing and singing her songs.





Caseg Dragons Fair
plantCaseg Dragons organized a fair to celebrate Welsh week. The Dragons busily planned various games and organized activities. Every class enjoyed in turn and thanks to all Year 2 pupils for being so hard-working and endearing to the pupils in the other classes.




Wishing a speedy recovery
The entire school staff extend best wishes to Mrs Briggs who has injured her foot. It is very strange without her and everybody is looking forward to her return.

Green Fingers

plantSo as to try and make savings and conserve electricity, the Green Fingers group asks everybody at the school to remember to switch off lights that are not required. The group has held a poster making competition that will remind everybody to do so. The winning posters from every class will be displayed around the school.




Urdd Clubs
The pupils are busy every Monday and Wednesday evening creating art work to compete at the urdd. The clubs also provide a good opportunity for pupils from different years to mix and co-operate.

Year 2 pupils have begun swimming lessons for the term. Everybody enjoys travelling on the bus to Bangor.

Open Afternoon
It was very nice to welcome parents and children who will be starting at the school next September. They had a taste of Nursery class activities and an opportunity to meet school staff.

plantNathan Abrams visited the school to talk about Hanukka celebrations. As the Jewish Festival is celebrated at the same time as Christmas this year, the children compared the practices of both festivals.





Christmas Concert
plantFollowing weeks of rehearsals, a successful show was held at the end of term. The hall at Ysgol Dyffryn Ogwen was full and the school wishes to thank everybody who supported and to Tesco, Bethesda for contributing mince pies. Thanks also to the children for giving of their best, everybody gave an excellent performance.




Going to see Santa Claus
plantReception class pupils had an opportunity to visit a very special person at Tesco. Everybody was thrilled to talk with and receive an early present from Santa Claus.





Dail show
plantAll the pupils went to see the Dail show performed by Arad Goch at Neuadd Ogwen. It was nice to relax and laughj at the end of term when enjoying and participating in the performance.





Ideas Squad
After selling school calendars, the Ideas Squad decided to donate part of the profit to a Clean Water charity in Africa and share the rest between the school’s classes.

Christmas Jumpers
plantThe Friends of the World group decided to ask the pupils to wear Christmas jumpers to fund raise towards Save the Children charity. The group also arranged a disco on the last afternoon of term, and everybody enjoyed dancing.





Church Visit
plantYear 2 visited Glan Ogwen Church in December participating in Christmassy activities. Everybody had an opportunity to design Christmas cards, decorate biscuits and act the nativity story.





Pudsey Picnic
plantThe Ideas Squad decided to arrange a Pudsey picnic to collect money towards Children in Need charity. The children brought a pound each as well as a load of cakes to school and every class had a feast. £142 was collected towards the cause.





Eisteddfod Dyffryn Ogwen
plantCongratulations to all the pupils who competed at the Eisteddfod. Several were awarded prizes for singing, recitation and art work.





PC Meirion
plantAll the pupils learnt about correct choices and wrong choices with PC Meirion. The children always love to see him and look forward to the next time he is here to talk to him about the good choices they make at the school.




Green Fingers
plantMr Lee Oliver from Keep Wales Tidy visited to give a talk to Green Fingers group. The pupils asked him questions about attracting birds to the school garden and Mr Oliver and the group designed suitable bird houses. The next task would be to search for wood to construct the houses after Christmas.




Friends of the World
plantThe Friends of the World group have made arrangements for the pupils to collect shoe boxes full of gifts to send to children in other countries. Thanks to Tesco Bethesda for contributing four boxes, and thanks to the pupils for collecting thirty two boxes.



Visit by Alun Davies
plantThe Assembly member Alun Davies, as well as representatives from Gwynedd Council, visited the school to see the Language Charter in action. He had a chat with Year 2 pupils questioning them about Dreigiau Caseg work. The children explained that they were busy every play time helping everybody to speak Welsh. He also had an opportunity to visit classes and experience activities such as playground games during play time.



Fancy Dress Disco
plantThe end of the Autumn half term was celebrated with a fancy dress disco at the school hall. Everybody was very smartly dressed and everybody tried their best to win prizes for dancing.






School Calendar
plantPhotos of the children were taken for a school calendar that will soon be for sale. Everybody dressed up in clothes that was in keeping with the month of their birthday. You are welcome to contact the school if you wish to order a calendar. It would make an excellent gift.





After school clubs

plant plant plant

Years 1 and 2 participate in after school clubs every Wednesday evening. Year 1 pupils had the choice of attending a reading club or IT club, whilst Year 2 pupils had the choice of attending either a cookery or dancing club. Parents of Year 2 pupils joined their children to enjoy a dance and meals.

Thank you very much
Everybody wish to thank the owners of the Bull hotel, Bethesda for their kind gift of £150. The money will be of great help to buy resources for the school.

Reading Challenge
plantSeveral pupils received medals for completing the Darllen Mawr Direidus challenge organized by Wales libraries. It was pleasing to see that so many had been busy reading, and had enjoyed visiting the local libraries.






Elect Groups

Listening to every child’s voice is central to the school’s vision and so children were elected to be members of various groups. Each group - Ffrindiau’r Byd, Sgwad Syniadau, Dreigiau Caseg and Bysedd Gwyrdd – meet every fortnight to discuss how to teach the rest of the children about their group’s message.





Welcoming New Pupils

Nursery class pupils have now settled downin school and it is pleasing to see them enjoying their activities. Hopefully, former year 2 pupils will be as happy in Year 3 Pen y Bryn.



Visit to Parc Meurig
Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes visited Parc Meurig. Whilst there, the children looked at, listened and experienced forest wildlife.



Everybody would like to thank and extend best wishes to Susan Evans who has left the school after almost ten years as the school cleaner. The classrooms always shone after she had done her work, and everybody will miss her friendly company.

Learning with Stephen Jones
Stephen Jones from cwmni Anelu spent a day at the school teaching Years 1 and 2 about map work. Pupils went up Lôn Pant and whilst enjoying the scenery from Gerlan junction, learnt about the area’s various features.


Ball skills
plantCarwyn from Plas Ffrancon visited the school to coach rugby to years 1 and 2. He showed them how to handle the ball and emphasized the importance of playing together as a team.






Teachers from Ysgol Penboyr in South Wales were welcomed to the school to learn about how Ysgol Abercaseg ensures that Welsh has a central role in all aspects of school life. The visitors were thrilled with the pupils natural conversation especially during play time activities.

Celebrating success!

The Ideas Squad enjoyed reading the Welsh Network of Healthy School Schemes National Quality Award report which acknowledges their own praiseworthy contribution and all the outstanding efforts of pupils, staff, parents and governors which ensures that Abercaseg School is truly an excellent Healthy School.

Click here to read the award letter

Click here to read the award report




Summer Fair

The Parents and Friends Committee organised another successful Summer Fair this year. They collected £608 towards the school funds. We wish to thank them all for their hard work.






A trip to Tesco


The Reception Class, Year 1 and Year 2 went to Tesco to learn how to bake bread and taste a variety of healthy foods. In the afternoon the children enjoyed an afternoon of activities of their choice.






Building a Den

In response to questionnaires answered by parents about what they wished their children would learn this term, the school organised a fund raising activity. By building dens the school collected £80 towards Save the Children.






New Classes
Whilst Year 2 spent a day at Ysgol Pen y Bryn the rest of the school spent the morning in their new classes. It was nice to welcome the Nursery children who will be starting in September.

Learning French and Dancing


Year 2 have been learning French since half term and are very good at greeting and counting. Year 1 have been dancing every Wednesday afternoon.






Dyffryn Ogwen Show
A number of children were successful in this year’s Dyffryn Ogwen Show. Many enjoyed the day’s activities and congratulations to everyone who took part.

Healthy Packed Lunches


Parents were invited to the school to see how their children have been learning about keeping healthy. The Sgwad Syniadau showed a collection of videos and photos and Sarah Archer from Cynllun Gwên discussed healthy packed lunches.







The children enjoyed an afternoon of Zambian activities and learned about the country’s culture. Anti Marian served Chakalaka at lunch time, a member of Creative Workshops sang and told stories and Miss Thomas – the school’s Nursery teacher – shared her experience building a school in Zambia.





Thank you Tesco

We’d like to thank Ffion and all the staff at Tesco Bethesda for their kind gifts. They gave the school some stationary and plants, the children have enjoyed planting and because of their efforts the garden now looks colourful.






Promoting Attendance


The Sgwad Syniadau decided in order to promote attendance in school that they would give a presentation to show the rest of the school how to wash their hands correctly to prevent germs from spreading. Afterwards they were busy designing posters reminding the children about the importance of drinking plenty of water.




Cadw’n ddiogel ar y ffordd (Welsh only available)
Ers dechrau’r tymor mae Bethan Parry wedi bod yn dysgu plant Blwyddyn 1 sut i fod yn ddiogel ar y ffordd. Gan fod y dydd yn ymestyn a phlant yn chwarae y tu allan mae’n bwysig eu bod yn ymwybodol o’r peryglon.

Healthy Week


The school held a week to promote healthy eating, as well as healthy minds and healthy bodies. During the week the children completed healthy challenges at home and kept fit at school. To end the week they enjoyed an afternoon of dancing and tasting fruits.





We’d like to give our new Head, Mrs Ceren Lloyd, a warm welcome and we wish Miss Sioned Thomas all the best in her new post.



The after school clubs for years 1 and 2 have started again this term. Year 2 have been having fun practicing netball, while Year 1 are busy in the Drama Club.





Teachers from Ysgol y Gelli, Caernarfon came to see how the school organises different activities during playtime. Despite the hail storm, the children were at their best singing rhymes and playing co-operatively.

Planting Seeds



The whole school have been busy planting seeds ready to grow vegetables in the garden. Whilst doing this activity the children learnt about eating well.





PC Meirion



PC Meirion came to see the children once again. This time he taught the children about who to call in an emergency. Before he came the children had been busy learning their address.





Gynllun Gwên



Sarah Archer from Cynllun Gwên came to talk to the nursery children about the importance of brushing their teeth. Her visit coincided with this term’s theme, as we are learning how to care for ourselves.





Bird Bath



Thank you Miss Thomas for the bird bath which looks very nice in the garden.





Important message from PC Meirion Williams
pc meirionThis term, PC Meirion Williams once again visited the school to convey important messages to the children. His talk was on ‘Don’t Touch, Tell” and all the children are now aware of what they should and should not do if they see and handle litter. Thank you for the interesting talk P C Meirion.





Puppet creation workshop
gweithdy creu pypedauYou will probably recall that years 1 and 2 visited Neuadd Ogwen to see a performance of the puppets show ‘Drwg’. Well, following the performance, the pupils were fortunate enough to have Efa Dyfan, who was responsible for creating the puppets, to visit us at the school to hold art workshops. The children were in their element developing their ideas and creating puppets of all kinds that are now used within class activities to enrich the learning experiences.



Visit from Hâf Llywelyn
ymweliad haf llywelynThere is nothing better than to listen to stories being read and especially if the author of those stories reads them. Well that is what happened recently at the school. Hâf Llywelyn visited to read stories to the reception and year 1 class pupils based on the adventures of Ned the Mariner. There was then an opportunity to play several games pretending to be characters from the stories. The children enjoyed this so much that they could not wait to obtain other books from the series, getting to know more about Ned and his friends.


Success in Art and Craft

This year, several of the school’s pupils have again enjoyed success in the Urdd art and craft competitions with several winning entries. A special thanke to the assistants who have held ‘Clwb Celf Mr Urdd’ weekly since September – all the hard work has paid off!!

‘Friends of Ysgol Abercaseg’
ffrindiau ysgol abercasegOur sincere thanks to ‘Friends of Ysgol Abercaseg’ for their contribution of £1900 towards purchasing equipment to promote learning in the outdoors. The money has been raised following holding several activities during the year. Of course, the children are thrilled with the new resources particularly as they selected what to purchase!!




Green Week
wythnos werddAs part of the term’s theme work, the pupils visited several locations around the village. During the visits, most of them observed that there was quite a lot of litter on the pavements and at other numerous locations. Thinking of the harmful effect this had on residents, animals and wildlife in the area was of considerable concern to them. Subsequently, a ‘Green Week’ was held to promote ‘green issues’ such as re-cycling and energy conservation. Every class created artefacts from re-cycling materials (photos appear on the school website) and to conclude an ‘Easter Headresses Parade’ was held. All the headdresses were made from re-cycled materials. Thanks to the children (and to their parents!!) for showing such creativity and producing hats that would be worth seeing even on the ‘catwalk’ during London, New York and Milan fashion weeks!! Thanks also to Tesco Bethesda for donating the prizes.



Bidding Farewell

We bid farewell to Miss Marion Mayhead who has been a valuable staff member for almost 5 years. We thank her for her hard and conscientious work when supporting the pupils and wish her all the best in her next venture.

After nine years loyal service as Headteacher of Ysgol Abercaseg, it was very difficult on the final afternoon before Esater to say farewell to Miss Thomas. Miss Thomas has been an invaluable teacher and headteacher at the school. We sincerely thank her for her hard work over the years and wish her all the best in her new post in April.

A word of thanks from Sioned Hywel Thomas (Headteacher Ysgol Abercaseg)

Thanks to pupils, governors and entire staff of Ysgol Abercaseg for their continuous support, collaboration and kindness during my time as headteacher of Ysgol Abercaseg. I will have many happy memories of my time at the school and I wish everybody all the best for the future.

Celebrating St David’s Day
Everybody made a special effort on St David’s Day to come to school wearing traditional or contemporary Welsh clothes. The younger children were entertained at the hall by cwmni’r Frân Wen whilst Years 1 and 2 were busy making Welsh cakes, composing raps and trying out a little folk dancing – a fun day for everybody without forgetting our Patron’s important message throughout the day, namely do little things to assist one another.

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Dydd Gŵyl Dewi

St David’s Day Parade
Fortunately this year, we had fine weather for the local parade and some of our pupils joined their parents in the fun event. Year 1 and 2 pupils then sang traditional songs about St David, not forgetting the old favourite, ‘Sosban Fach’, on the stage of Neuadd Ogwen. This concert was worthy conclusion to an afternoon of celebration of Welshness – well done children.

Celebrating World Book Day
Diwrnod y LlyfrWorld Book Day was a feast for the eyes at the school as everybody dressed up as their favourite character from a book or poem. During the day, the children had an opportunity to discuss their favourite books explaining why they chose them. The highlight of the day was the school’s older pupils going down to the nursery and reception classes to read stories that they themselves had written for the pupils. Hopefully, these pupils enthusiastic response has motivated the older pupils to consider a career as authors of children’s books in Welsh!!


A special visitor
As part of ‘Our Village’ theme work, Mr Neville Hughes visited the school to answer questions and share his memories of life as a child in the area in by gone days. The children learnt many interesting facts about the period and everybody enjoyed joining in with Mr Hughes to sing traditional nursery –rhymes. Thanks to Mr Hughes for sharing his sweet memories with us.

tescoWe wish to thank our friends at ‘The Bull’ tavern for their generous donation of £150.00 to the school. Every penny will be spent for the children’s benefit and this year, the ‘Sgwad Syniadau’ will select resources to buy for the Outside Area. Thanks also to the staff of Tesco local supermarket for their kind gift of £260. This money will be extremely useful to develop the Outside Area – the ‘Sgwad Syniadau’ shopping list will grow even longer due to the regular generosity of local businesses to the school.



Techniquest Workshop
This year, the children have been very fortunate in participating in several Techniquest company workshops at the school and the most recent was a show on the body for Years 1 and 2. Every child enjoyed learning about different parts of the body and about a well-balanced diet through interesting practical activities.

HyfforddiantIn our technological age, it is important that we make full use of the useful educational resources that are available to our children but of course our main focus is always on their safety. Therefore, the school children and parents were recently very fortunate in receiving training and presentation on Hwb+ and e-security website from experienced instructors in the field.




Getting to know our area
This term, the theme set for the classes is Our Village and the children went for a walk along the main street in Bethesda. A visit was also arranged to Jerusalem Chapel and the pupils and staff wish to thank Walter and Menai Williams for talking with, singing and answering the children’s questions.

plant plant

Techniquest Workshop
Techniquest company visited the school at the beginning of January to hold a workshop on ‘Old Toys’ with years 1 and 2. The pupils developed their scientific and numerical skills during the morning when learning about balance and sorting toys in various ways. Everybody hugely enjoyed this and they are looking forward to the next workshop after the half-term holidays.

Swimming lessons and after school clubs
Year 2 have begun attending a series of swimming lessons at Bangor and the after school clubs have re-commenced. Mathematics and IT clubs are held this term where the pupils practice their reasoning skills and develop their ITC skills.

Nursery Class 2016
An open afternoon was held for those pupils who will be starting in the Nursery Class in September. It was pleasing to see a class of familiar parents as well as new faces. Remember that the closing date for registration for your child to start in the nursery class is March 1st.

Visit to Glan Ogwen Church
Pupils from the Ffrydlas class participated enthusiastically in Christmas activities, whilst visiting Glan Ogwen Church before the Christmas holidays. Everybody were busy designing Christmassy cards and biscuits and re-created the Christmas story through role play activities. Before their departure, the children met Dyfrig, a character who gave everybody a great deal of fun. Thanks to the church members for organizing a memorable visit, that reminded everybody of the true meaning of Christmas.

Future Authors!
Recently, several pupils from year 2 worked with the popular author Angharad Tomos on creating original stories located in the village of Bethesda. The stories have now been completed and the next step will be to animate them so that they can be read in apps form. We are looking forward to that enormously, and that hopefully, working with an author such as Angharad Tomos will have kindled an eagerness in the pupils to write more stories about the adventures of the imaginary characters.

Who is coming over the hill?
Who of you saw Father Christmas sledge parked outside Tesco at Bethesda? Well , some of the pupils reception class pupils were observant enough to spot it, and they persuaded their teachers to take them over to the shop in case the man himself was still there. No one was left disappointed, as Father Christmas was busy shopping for food. He was very pleased to see the children, so much so, that he gave each of them a gift. The children reminded him of the contents of their Christmas list, just in case he had forgotten!! Thank you Father Christmas.

Christmassy Jumpers
Snowmen, Reindeer, Christmas Bells, Snow Flakes - just to name some of the Christmassy images that were to be seen everywhere at the school on the last Friday of last term. In accordance with the school’s usual procedure, everybody who wished to do so, adults and pupils, wore their Christmas jumpers to fund-raise towards the Save the Children fund. Thanks to everybody who joined in the fun.

Missing Christmas Star!
On December 21st, all the pupils took part in our Christmas concert. This year, we went on a journey to different countries across the world to search for the missing Christmas Star, before ending the journey at Bethlehem, on the evening of Christ’s birth. Judging from the applause given at the end of the performance, everybody hugely enjoyed the concert. Thanks to the staff for instructing the pupils, the parents for preparing the costumes and the Headteacher and Caretaker of Ysgol Dyffryn Ogwen for giving us permission to stage the concert at the school. Thanks also to ‘Friends of Ysgol Abercaseg’ for preparing and serving the mince pies and Christmassy mulled wine on the evening.

Marian the cook on the radio
Some of you may have heard Aunty Marian, the school cook, being interviewed by Heledd Cynwal on Radio Cymru during ‘National School Dinner Week’. She discussed the school pupils favourite meals and the kind of meals she received in school when she was a child. It was certainly a very interesting conversation. Congratulations Anti Marian- we were all very proud of you.

Cwmni Drama’r Frân Wen
Reception class, year 1 and 2 were very fortunate to take part in a workshop by cwmni Frân Wen to develop their creative skills. Everybody were fully lost in their ‘personal imaginary world’ and enjoyed the experience.

Children In Need
The Ideas Squad at Ysgol Abercaseg tirelessly hold activities to fund raise towards numerous causes and charities. Recently, they decided to organize a day for everybody to dress in their own clothing paying a fine for the privilege. The money raised went towards ‘Children In Need’.

Fire Hazards
Recently there was a visit from Mr Owen, Education Officer with North Wales Fire Service to the school to give year 2 pupils a presentation on the importance of fire alarms in the home and fire hazards. Judging from the enthusiastic responses, it was evident that everybody had listened and understood the main messages. We thank him for conveying important messages in a fun and engaging manner and for giving everybody an opportunity to wear his fire fighting helmet!

Success at Eisteddfod Dyffryn Ogwen

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Congratulations to the pupils who have been busy performing and competing at Eisteddfod Dyffryn Ogwen. Many gained considerable success when competing in the recitation,sining, art work and handwriting competitions. Year 2 girls also gained a valuable experience when greeting the winners of the main literary competitions on the Friday evening through a folk dance – very impressive! Well done to everybody for participating and supporting the Eisteddfod.

Language Charter Gold Award
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Gwynedd Language Charter Award certificate was recently presented to the school. The award is a recognition of all the school’s work in promoting use of the language within and outside the classroom. Here is a photo of some of the pupils who represented the school at the award ceremony.





Attendance Champions


Ffrydlas Class won the Attendance Champions trophy for November, due to being the class with the highest attendance percentage.





Reading Challenge




Congratulations to all the pupils who was awarded Gwynedd Library Reading Challenge.




Old Toys
plant As part of the term’s theme work, Gwenda Williams from the Gwynedd Archives was invited to school to display and talk about old toys with the pupils. She brought several old favourites such as the pop gun, kaleidoscope and cloth puppets and the pupils loved taking turns in handling traditional toys. At one stage, everybody almost jumped out of their skins when they heard the sound of the ‘ragarug’ echoing like a thunderbolt over the hall before they laughed when they realized what had created such a sound! The visit has spurred a fervent discussion about the type of toys that children used to have in bye-gone days compared to today and this has spurred on the children to make enquiries at home about their grandmothers, grandfathers and parents favourite toys.


After school clubs

The after school clubs have re-commenced with the Urdd Art Club members busily planning and creating images on the theme ‘Belonging’. An ITC Club is also available for Y1 on Wednesday afternoon where the pupils create their own reading books and on the same afternoon, Y2 pupils have an opportunity to prepare healthy foods at the Cookery Club. We hope to invite parents and guardians in during the final sessions to taste what the children have been doing at the various clubs.

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Techniquest Shows
plant The children hugely enjoyed themselves before the half-term holidays when they not only saw one show performed by Techniquest company but two ! The first show focussed on preparing a birthday party for Delyth the dragon, providing a fun opportunity for the pupils to practice their numeracy skills in problem-solving. Then, on the following day, everybody enthusiastically contributed to the music workshop by investigating various methods of creating music.




Fancy Dress Disco
plant The hall was full of colour when everybody cast their usual clothes aside and dressed up for the Fancy Dress disco. Indeed, it posed a challenge for the staff at times to identify who exactly was hiding under the imaginary make up and magnificent dresses! All pupils enjoyed the opportunity to relax and have fun with their friends whilst dancing and joining in the games.





Saying Goodbye

Following many years loyal service to ysgol Abercaseg, it was heartrending to say goodbye to Mrs Freda Adams on her retirement from her post as school cleaner. We sincerely thank her for her hard work over the years, ensuring that every nook and cranny shone like a piece of silver and we wish her a speedy recovery and good health in her retirement.

Imitating the artist Carys Bryn
plantReception Class, Year 1 and Year 2 have been studying the work of the artist Carys Bryn and imitating her colourful style through mud splashing. Paint, sand and glue were mixed and the children splashed the mixture creating a mess as well as effective art work.








Ideas Squad
plantEight new members have been elected onto the school’s Ideas Squad. Their first task will be to discuss the school’s play time periods. Every class has already voiced their opinion on what they like during play time, and what they would like to change. The next step will be for the Ideas Squad to discuss these ideas deciding which changes can be offered to the rest of the school. Here is a photo of some of the new members.




plantIt gives us immense joy to see the children of Abercaseg school growing up and ready to move along to the next stage of their education but unfortunately it means that we have to bid a fond farewell to our Year 2 pupils as they transfer to Pen y bryn school. A special farewell service was held at the end of term when parents were invited in to listen to the children’s happy memories of their time here. They will all be sadly missed but we hope that everyone will keep in touch with us. This also applies to Mrs Lloyd who has been the head teacher here for the past year and to Miss Sioned O’Connor who has been a valued member of staff for the past fifteen years and will be starting a new teaching post in September . Many thanks to them both for their invaluable contribution to the school. At the same time we would also like to warmly welcome our head teacher Miss Thomas who has been on a secondment for the past year and is returning to Abercaseg school in September and Mrs Mai Williams who has been recently appointed as a Foundation Stage teacher.

A special visitor!
plantFfrancon class had a very special visitor recently when Mena Chan came to visit after spending the past year with her family in Hong Kong. The children were thrilled to hear of her experiences and being taught by her to count in Cantonese. It was great to hear that Mena had not forgotten her Welsh either as she enjoyed playing outside with her friends. Unfortunately this was only a flying visit as Mena and her family will be going back to Hong Kong for another year, although we hope to see her returning to Abercaseg school in the future. Until that time we will keep in touch with Mena by e-mail and look forward to hearing more about her experiences and learning more about the traditions and culture of a country the other side of the world.


Tomos Bach Trip
plantAll our full time pupils enjoyed a special trip to Llanberis which began with an exciting train journey along the bank of Padarn Lake and the opportunity to learn many interesting historical and environmental facts about the local area. Then after disembarking from the train at Cei Llydan we were led along splendid footpaths through the Padarn Country Park learning all about the wild life of the forest and the history of the local quarry on the way. Certainly by the time we reached Gilfach Ddu train station everyone was yearning for their picnic having had a thoroughly enjoyable time learning in the outside environment. A magnificent educational trip was had by all!


Sports Day
plantOf course the end of the school year would not be the same without the obligatory school Sports event and we all hoped that the weather would be favourable to us – not too hot, nor too wet! Fortunately in the end we were lucky with the weather and everyone had the chance to shine in front of their parents. Well done to everyone who took part!





After School Clubs
plant“Bon jour! Ca va?” echoes around the school every Wednesday afternoon since half term as the pupils of Year 2 get to grips with learning a new language. The children enjoy counting, reciting and singing in French and have absorbed everything surprisingly quickly. Très bien, enfants! At the same time nearly every pupil in Year 1 stays on at school for the Reading Club having lots of fun playing games to develop their reading skills. Well done to everyone.





Summer Fair
plantA mini children’s Summer Fair was held at the school recently as the Friends of the School had decided to postpone the usual Summer Fair. The children were eager to develop their entrepreneurial skills and every class decided to recycle waste materials to make items to sell. The support staff were also busy with the ever popular tattoo and nail painting stalls! The school hall was full of people and the children were overjoyed to be in charge of selling their own products. Thank you to the pupils and staff for all their hard work and to the parents for their support.




Dyffryn Ogwen Show
plantCongratulations to all the pupils who took part in the local Dyffryn Ogwen Show and especially to those who won prizes for their art and craft work and in the sports activities. Fortunately the weather was favourable and by all accounts everyone had a thoroughly good time.






Rala Rwdins puppet show

plantHearty laughter filled the school hall when all the pupils of the school watched the Rala Rwdins puppet show as part of the school’s initiative to promote the Gwynedd Schools’ Welsh Language Charter. The children are already familiar with the characters of the show in books and on television but were enthralled to see them close up and thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the mischief that they got up to as well as participating vocally in the show!





Celebrating Healthy Eating Week
plantStraight after the half term holiday every class was busily engaged in various activities as part of the Healthy Eating Week and as a reward for all their hard work the Ideas Squad arranged a special Healthy Golden afternoon for everyone. The children enjoyed making fruit kebabs and smoothies with auntie Marian and auntie Eleri, some energetic dancing in the school hall and an outdoor session of playing games that each class had chosen for themselves to keep fit. The Ideas Squad also presented everyone with a sticker or certificate for completing the five healthy challenges at home during the week which were to eat a healthy breakfast, eat five portions of fruit or vegetables each day, drink plenty of water, do some physical activity and to try something new! Without a doubt all the charts were covered in ticks and everyone had made an enormous effort.  The school hall is also looking much brighter as each class produced art work to raise everyone’s awareness of healthy living. Certainly everyone participated enthusiastically in the event and the children have already presented their thoughts to the Ideas Squad of how to improve the Healthy Eating Week next time. Well done everyone!

First Green Flag Eco-School Award

Congratulations to all the pupils of the school for attaining the First Green Flag of the Eco-Schools project. ‘Eco-Schools’ is an international award programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey, providing a framework to help embed these principles into the heart of everyday school life. Well done to everyone for all their hard work!

Nepal Appeal


A number of children had expressed their concern over the plight of people in Nepal after the recent calamitous earthquake and therefore we were pleased to be able to arrange a collection to help the local population when Mr Arwyn Oliver came to show us his photographs and share with us his memories of Nepal before the earthquake struck. Everyone listened intently to his presentation and at the end the children came forward to cover the Nepalese flag with silver coins. Many thanks to Mr Oliver for his lively presentation and to the children and parents of the school for their generous donations.


Curricular Evening

All the children and parents of the school had the opportunity recently to view and experience for themselves the various activities held here on a daily basis to develop the children’s Numeracy skills. It was heartening to see friends, brothers and sisters helping each other and even more inspiring to see the children explaining the activities to their parents! Amongst all the hustle and bustle of the evening parents were also able to see and discuss examples of the National Numeracy Tests for Year 2 pupils. We greatly appreciate the support of all those who attended the evening and hope that everyone enjoyed the session.


After School Clubs


Following on from the success of the Drama Club last term Year 2 pupils are now enjoying participating in the after school Maths Club, whilst Year 1 pupils are learning how to play basket ball and other team games in the Dreigiau Bach Club. It is great to see so many children choosing to stay on at school for the extra-curricular activities.



Tennis lessons


Year 1 and 2 pupils are very grateful to David Parry of Tennis Wales for coming to school to teach tennis skills to them and even giving them an extra lesson as a reward for their enthusiasm! They enjoyed learning new skills and putting them into practice on the school yard and also benefited from developing other important skills such as listening to each other and co-operation.




Walk to School Week


Many children and parents made a special effort to walk to school during the Walk to School Week, May 18th-22nd. It was a great opportunity for everyone to take part in an international activity by joining other schools in Wales in reducing our carbon footprint by using a healthy means of travelling to school.







Speaking Welsh
posterHelp your children to practise their Welsh by enjoying Welsh language programmes on tv, online and on demand.


For more information - click here






Tree Planting
plantOver the years we have planted many trees around the school grounds to improve the appearance and quality of the environment and therefore we were very pleased to invite Ysgol Pen y bryn’s Effectiveness Group to join us in planting two extra trees, one for each school. Thanks to Mr Davies From the National Trust for coming along to help the children with the planting.




Red Nose Day
plantEvery second of the day is busy, busy at our school and without us noticing Red Nose Day was nearly upon us without anything being organized! But fortunately on the day before the event Keira, in Year 2 approached the Ideas Squad with the suggestion of getting everyone to wear something red and bring 50p to school. The Ideas Squad agreed that this was a splendid idea and went about informing everyone. Therefore, despite the short notice, we are very grateful to everyone for responding amazingly well on Red Nose Day for the benefit of people in need around the world as well as here in Wales.




Rubbish Day
plantFfrydlas class enjoyed participating in the very interesting workshop held at Neuadd Ogwen as part of the Rubbish Day event. The children were amazed at learning about recycling and how to make paper out of old books. The workshop fitted in very well with the class theme as the pupils had been carrying out a survey of the waste produced every day in each class and thinking of innovative ways of reusing and reducing the amount of rubbish thrown away.




Epilepsy Purple Day
plantThe whole school was awash with purple recently as we celebrated Wearing Purple for Epilepsy Day to raise everyone’s awareness of this condition. One of our pupils, Liwsi Mô, has epilepsy and copes tremendously well with the support of her family and the staff and her friends at school.






Household Artefacts
plantAs part of the thematic work undertaken by Years 1 and 2 this term Gwenda Williams from Caernarfon Archives visited the school with a vast array of household artefacts. The pupils had an excellent opportunity to observe and see for themselves the difference between the equipment used today and in the past. There was much discussion and amazement when they realized how people lived in years gone by and everyone agreed that life was much harder for children a hundred years ago compared to today!




Celebrating Welsh Week
plantTo give the children the opportunity to celebrate their Welshness we decided to organise a Welsh Week at school to coincide with St David’s Day. During the week each class participated in a variety of activities such as acting, cooking, folk dancing, craft work and composing, to raise everyone’s awareness of our Welsh heritage. As part of Dreigiau Caseg’s initiative to promote Welsh speaking throughout the day, Dona Direidi was invited to school. The Dreigiau Caseg had voted for their favourite hero and contacted Dona Direidi by e-mail when her name came out on top. All the children of the school had a most enjoyable morning in her company, singing, dancing and playing games. One of the highlights of the morning was creating a brand new rap derived from one of their favourite Welsh nursery rhymes, as well as being photographed with Dona Direidi of course! We are very grateful to her for inspiring the children to have fun whilst speaking Welsh.

Celebrating World Book Day
plantIt was a sight for sore eyes on World Book Day when a large number of children dressed up as their favourite literary characters and brought their favourite books to school. Lisa Jên came to read a variety of interesting stories again this year and everyone enjoyed this thrilling experience. Then, what better way of celebrating World Book Day than by getting the children to create their own story books and to go around the school reading their work to others, which is exactly what the Year 1 children of Ogwen class did. They visited each class in turn from the Nursery to Year 2 and everyone listened attentively. The authors took advantage of the opportunity to seek their fellow pupils’ opinions about their work and set about improving their stories once back in class. We hope that this activity will inspire the children to write more creative stories in the future.

Urdd Success
plantOnce again this year a number of pupils were successful in the Urdd Stage and Art and Craft competitions. A special thanks to the classroom assistants for organising the weekly ‘Urdd Craft Club’ since September and thanks also to everyone who has been busy preparing the children for the Stage competitions. Congratulations to Iago for coming third in the Recitation competition at the local Eisteddfod and to Lloer and Eli groups for their craft work which has gone on to the National Eisteddfod. Excellent news!


plantAll the children of the school had a great opportunity to experiment and investigate different forces when we were able to hire Techniquest science equipment for a week. Everyone enjoyed experimenting with pushes, pulls, turns and twists as they used the excellent specialist equipment. We hope to get the opportunity to hire more exciting equipment in future to inspire and develop the children’s investigative and observational skills further.


Celebrating the Chinese New Year
plant There was much excitement in the school before the half term holiday when we ended a week of celebrations with a special morning assembly and a Chinese feast at lunchtime carefully prepared by auntie Marian and her co-workers. Everyone enjoyed learning about one of the largest countries of the world and its’ culture. We hope to continue learning more about China by keeping in touch with one of our Reception pupils who has moved to live temporarily with her family to Hong Kong.




The arrival of the snow!
plant During one cold and frosty night in January a blanket of snow suddenly covered the surrounding area. Of course the children were overjoyed to see so much snow and enjoyed going out to play and explore. Everyone wrapped up warmly and made the most of the brilliant opportunity to investigate and learn in the outside environment.








PC Meirion Williams’ visit

plantAll the pupils of the school had an interesting discussion with PC Meirion Williams recently about what is acceptable and unacceptable in school and in the outside community. It was a pleasure to see the children listening astutely and responding so enthusiastically to his questions. We appreciate his visit and look forward to the next one.







‘The Ugly Duckling’ Show

On a cold January morning we were entertained by the National Welsh Theatre at Neuadd Ogwen when we went to watch a performance of ‘The Ugly Duckling’. The children enjoyed accompanying the little duckling as she travelled around the farm searching for her true home. Of course everyone was impressed with the happy ending to the story!   






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