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Saying goodbye
We said goodbye to Miss Roberts for the time being – she is leaving on maternity leave. Best wishes to her!

Creative Clubs and Reading Clubs
A successful final session was held of Creative clubs and Reading Clubs. Parents of Y1 and Y2 pupils had an opportunity to watch the pupils expressing music through physical movements. Everybody enjoyed the session enormously.

Year 2 visit to Ysgol Pen y bryn
Y2 had an opportunity to visit Ysgol Pen y bryn thanksgiving service.
The service was held by year 3. Thanks for the opportunity, it was a marvellous experience for Year 2.

Shwmae Su` Mae Day
Dreigiau Caseg organized an activities afternoon to tie in with Shwmae Su`Mae day. The pupils had an opportunity to use Welsh apps, dance to music, watch Welsh films and colour posters.

Fancy Dress Disco
The pupils had fun disco dancing before the half-term holidays. Everybody had a frightening appearance, but very smart!

Visit from the actress Manon Ellis
Manon Ellis the actress visited the school.

Choose leaders
The pupils have been busy selecting new members for Sgwad Syniadau , Global Friends, Green Fingers and Fitness Friends.

Craetive Club and Reading Club
The clubs have restarted this year and this creative clubs and a reading club are being held. The clubs have been held for years 1 and 2. Y2 enjoyed the creative club and Y1 a reading club. Several diverse activities were held to teach pupils creative skills and reading skills.

Rhys, a Rugby Officer came to teach rugby skills to Y2 pupils. Everybody attentively listened to his instructions. He taught fun games to do with the rugby players George North and Sam Warburton. Thanks a lot Rhys, everybody enjoyed the sessions.

Fire Safety
Welcome to Gwawr , the fire officer who gave a talk to Y2 pupils on fire safety. She showed the special equipment and clothing that the firefighter requires to carry out his duties. Everybody had fun wearing the clothes! At the end of the visit, she set the pupils homework to ensure that their home fire-alarm worked. (photo)

Welcome back
A warm welcome to everybody at the start of a school year and to the nursery class pupils who have settled down in their class extremely well. We look forward to another successful year. We extend a welcome to an assistant Catrin Griffiths who joins the school staff.

Neuadd Ogwen Show
Y 1 and Y 2 and a group from Ysgol Pen y bryn went to see Na Nel show performed by Arad Goch Theatre Company. It was pleasing to see every child enjoying the show.

Transferral Day
The pupils who will be starting in the nursery class in September spent a morning at the school and Y2 pupils visited Ysgol Pen y bryn for the day. We are sorry to see them leave the school at the end of term as all of them have contributed to school life. Best wishes to them in Year 3.

Dyffryn Ogwen Show

Congratulations to all who were winners in the Dyffryn Ogwen show art work competition. Several pupils from every class were successful.






The school sports were held this month and it was pleasing to see the field full of parents enjoying watching their children competing.






Collecting milk bottle tops
Thanks to everybody who have been collecting milk bottle tops for a good cause.

Thank you
Thanks to the Bull taveren for their financial donation to the school.

Congratulations to Miss Sian and Steffan on the birth of their daughter Eli Mai - a new sister to Jac. Eli Mai is a joy to behold. Best wishes to you all from the staff at Ysgol Abercaseg.

Saying Goodbye
We say goodbye to Mrs Kelly Humphreys who has been a valuable member of school staff. We extend best wishes to her in her new post. We also extend best wishes to Miss Tracey and Miss Sarah who will be following courses at the university in September and to Miss Sadie who will be joining the staff at Ysgol Pen y bryn. Best wishes to you all and thanks for your hard work supporting the pupils.

How much sugar is there in our food?


Recently, year 2 pupils discussed “Myself”, - the term theme. The discussion arose –“How much sugar is there in our food? So, we went about it to find out. The pupils weighed and measured the ingredients in their favourite foods to find out how much sugar they contained. The pupils felt that they had learnt a great deal and wished to show what they had learnt to their parents. It was therefore decided to create a display to show their findings. It was pleasing to observe the children showing their parents around to display and explain their findings.

India Day


An afternoon of activities was held that had been organized by the Friends of the World to learn about the culture, food and traditions of India. Activities were organized to do in the classroom. Everybody was very busy completing art work and displaying it in the classes.



Saying Goodbye
We are saying goodbye to Mrs Annette Williams who has been a valuable member of school staff. We thank her for her support and hard work in supporting the pupils. We extend best wishes to her in her new post.

As well as saying goodbye to Mrs Williams, we also extend good wishes to Miss Elin Jones who was a student at the school.

Oriel Ynys Mon


Year 2 pupils visited Oriel Ynys Mon to mark 100 years since the birth of Syr Kyffin Williams. The pupils had an opportunity to have a look at his drawings and imitate his work. They saw a portrait of the great grandfather of one of the pupils who attends the school .


Crossing the Road


Year 1 pupils discussed and practised crossing the road safely. Weekly road crossing sessions will be held for the term.



Fitness Friends Club
This year, the pupils will have an opportunity to join in with the Fitness Friends. The pupils will have an opportunity to participate in various activities, games and sports to keep fit.

We extend a warm welcome to Miss Roberts, our new deputy. We look forward to supporting and working with her in her new role.



School Closed Today (07/02/18)

School closed today due to the weather

Dirprwy Bennaeth Newydd (Welsh only available...)

Rydym yn edrych ymlaen yn arw i groesawu Dirprwy Bennaeth newydd i'r ysgol yn syth ar ol gwyliau'r Pasg. Penodwyd Miss Catrin Gwenllian Roberts i'r swydd gan y Llywodraethwyr y tymor diwethaf ac mae pawb yn yr ysgol yn falch iawn o'r penodiad.

Thank you


Mrs Griffiths would like to thank all the children and families of Bethesda that have been a special part of her life over the years. She would also like to thank all the staff that have worked with her at Ysgol Abercaseg. Time has flown by, and every moment has been worth while.




Staff, pupils and Governors extend best wishes to Mrs Griffiths – the school deputy – who is retiring after 32 years as a teacher at ysgol Abercaseg. A farewell service was held and it was pleasing to reminisce with former headteachers and Governors.


Glan Ogwen Church


Year 2 spent a morning at Glan Ogwen Church learning about Christmas rituals.The children acted out the nativity story, decorated biscuits and created decorations relating to the festival. Thanks to Father John for the welcome.


Christmas Shows


Following weeks of rehearsals, the nursery pupils performed their show in front of their parents at the school. The hall was full and everybody were thrilled to bits. The remaining pupils performed their show - Y Goeden Fach Hardd – at Ysgol Dyffryn Ogwen. Thanks to all the pupils for their commitment and hard work and thanks to staff at Ysgol Dyffryn Ogwen for their co-operation.


Brenhines y Crawiau


The pupils enjoyed Brenhines y Crawiau show at Neuadd Ogwen. It was pleasing to see former-pupils – who are members of Crawiau drama club – starring. All the audience eyes were fixed at the stage and everybody commended the pupils talents.


Christmas Dinner and Santa Claus


A fun-filled day was enjoyed at the end of term. Anti Marian cooked a Christmas feast for everybody and we thank her and the entire kitchen staff for their hard work. There was also an unexpected visit, and the children’s faces were a wonder to behold when welcoming Santa Claus and we thank him and Tesco Bethesda for their generosity.



Christmas Jumper


Thanks to Ffrindiau’r Byd for organizing Christmas Jumper day. £105 was raised towards Save the Children and all the children were very smartly dressed.



PC Beca


PC Beca visited the school to talk about safe places. She showed pupils a cartoon of children playing around the village. Whilst watching the cartoon, the pupils learnt that they should not wander off without telling their parents, and that only specific places like parks are safe to play in.


Learning about old toys


Gwenda Williams from Storiel was welcomed to the school to show old toys to the pupils. They had fun carefully playing with the toys as well as learning about the past.



Christmas Boxes


Friends of the World group made arrangements for the school to collect Christmas boxes for the T4U charity. 30 boxes were collected, and every class learnt about the importance of goodwill.



Children In Need


Everybody wore onsies and pyjamas on Children In Need day raising £130 towards the appeal. Thanks to everybody for contributing.



Eisteddfod Dyffryn Ogwen


Congratulations to all the pupils who were winners at various competitions held at Eisteddfod Dyffryn Ogwen.




Although Bethesda Spar Shop has now closed, Green Fingers wish to sincerely thank the shop for contributing gardening equipment for the school. I am certain that their generous gift will benefit all the pupils.

Fancy Dress Disco


The pupils had fun dancing at the disco before the school closed for half-term holiadys. Everybody appeared very frightening, and were a marvel to behold.





Dreigiau Caseg organized an afternoon of activities to accompany Diwrnod Su’mae. The children went from class to class to watch Welsh programmes, use Welsh apps and dance to Welsh music. Some of the Dreigiau also handed out posters to promote starting all conversations in Welsh to shops in Bethesda. The Dreigiau’s hard work has led to the school being awarded the Language Charter gold award for the third time. Congratulations and thanks very much for your hard work.



New Books


Thanks to Friends of the school for collecting £800 to buy books to place in the pupils reading bags. The entire school staff appreciate your hard work and every child will benefit from your gift.






The school has a new Twitter account. Anybody is welcome to follow us at @Ysgol Abercaseg1 to enjoy seeing pictures and stories of the pupils activities.







Storm Ophelia


Following the severe weather, Year 2 investigated the impact of the storm. The pupils were astounded at the heat and strange smell that cast a shadow over Bethesda before the strong winds arrived.




Nursery class pupils


We welcome Nursery Class pupils to the school as well as some other pupils who are new arrivals. We trust that last year’s year 2 pupils have settled down at Pen y Bryn, and that they’re working hard.




plantEvery Group – Sgwad Syniadau, Ffrindiau’r Byd, Bysedd Gwyrdd, Ffrindiau Ffitrwydd and Dreigiau Caseg – have eleceted new members. Dreigiau Caseg have already been busy encouraging all the pupils to speak Welsh whilst out playing on the yard. Every group will in turn hold an afternoon of activities to teach the rest of the school about their work.







Newyddion 9

Newyddion 9 TV crew visited the school to film Stephen Jones from the Anelu company talking about the Bethesda mountaineering festival. As well as Stephen, there was a visit from Llywarch and Callum, surfer and climber to talk about their adventures. Callum – who comes from Bethesda – showed photos of himself climbing in every corner of the world. The pupils had an opportunity to have a look at climbing and surfing gear and this hopefully will spur them on to enjoy local outdoor facilities.




Forest School


Some of the pupils visited Parc Meurig to learn how to respect the environment. They had an opportunity to safely ignite a fire and enjoy a bellyful of toasted marshmallows.




Urdd Sports Club


The sports club has re-started and this year, reception class pupils have had an opportunity to join in the fun.






Clwb Coginio
plantYear 1 and 2 children have been learning how to prepare healthy food in the after school cooking club. The club has also been an opportunity to learn the importance of buying Fair Trade produce. During the last session parents were invited to taste the food.






Oes Rhaid i mi Ddeffro?
plantEvery class saw the show Oes Rhaid i mi Ddeffro? performed by Arad Goch at Neuadd Ogwen. It was an amusing and energetic show and it was pleasing to see every child laughing their heads off when enjoying the adventures of both characters. At the end of the performance, everybody had an opportunity to join in using materials to portray dreams.


Healthy Week
To end healthy week – organized by Sgwad Syniadau – an activties afternoon was held. The children ate fruit salad, danced, drew posters, and thanked the Urdd staff for holding fitness activities on the playground. Certificates were also awarded to everybody who had been busy throughout the week doing ‘Healthy Challenges’ at home. Thanks to all parents who assisted their children and their challenges, ensuring that they drink enough water, eat fruits and vegetables and keep fit.

PC Meirion
plantPC Meirion visited the school for the last time as he is about to retire. On this occasion, he taught the children on who can assist them in an emergency, emphasising the importance of remembering their addresses and their parents telephone numbers. For many of the children, the climax of his visit was wearing different types of police helmets. Everybody at the school thank PC Meirion for his support, and wish him a happy retirement.


Transfer Day
plantThe pupils who will be starting in the Nursery class in September spent a morning at the school and Year 2 pupils visited Ysgol Pen y Bryn for the day. It is sad to think about them leaving the school at the end of term as all of them have contributed to the life of the school since they started at the school almost four years ago. Best wishes to them in year 3.


Dyffryn Ogwen Show
plantAlthough the show was postponed, the pupils art work was adjudicated. Congratulations to everybody from every class who won.



Tiny Beasts
plantThanks to Cwmni’r Fran Wen for visiting the school to perform Tiny Beasts puppet show. Every pupil enjoyed the fun performance and they had an opportunity to fire their imagination whilst hearing enriching language and learning about a local story. It walso provided an opportunity for the teachers to gather creative ideas.




Tipi Ni
plantA group of the pupils filmed for Tipi Ni programme. The programme will soon be shown on S4C and the children will talk about the places and stories in Bethesda.



Litter gathering
plantThanks to Neville Huws and Ann Williams from Balchder Bro Ogwen for assisting Green Fingers group to gather litter around Abercaseg. The children were surprised to see so much litter and several bin bags were collected in little time.


Road Safety
plantAs Ysgol Abercaseg will soon become a 20 mile per hour zone, a poster Design competition was held to notify people of this change. Congratulations to Osian ac Ethan, their winning posters will be converted into signs that will be displayed on roads near the school.


An Italian Afternoon
plantThe Friends of the World group decided to organize an Italian afternoon at the school to learn about the country’s customs. Mrs Fran D’Amora who is married to an Italian, and who is the mother of two pupils at the school, gave a talk on Italian foods and we had fun learning Italian. We thank her very much. Thanks also to the kitchen staff for preparing a lunch time Italian feast, everybody loved eating pasta and ice cream. To end the afternoon, the children participated in various Italian related activities in their classes.


plantSchool sports were held before half term. It was pleasing to see the field full of parents enjoying looking at their children running and jumping. All of them were not winners, but all the children enjoyed themselves and well done to them for doing their very best.




plantThe current class theme is roots and in order to learn about the growth of plants and growth of flowers and vegetables, all the classes have been planting in the garden. Hopefully, we will soon have a garden full of potatoes, carrots and onions.






Looking after our teeth
plantSara from Cynllun Gwên gave a talk to Nursery class pupils about the importance of brushing teeth and not eating or drinking too much sugar. Every child clean their teeth daily in school to ensure that everybody has polished clean teeth.






Easter Hats Parade
plantTo promote re-cycling, a creating Easter hats competition was held from recycled objects. Colourful shows were held as every class in turn paraded and modelled their hats. It was pleasing to see the hall full of parents enjoying and thanks to them for being so hard working in assisting our children to create very smart hats. Thanks also to Mrs Janet Jones and Mrs Ann Wiiliams for representing the governors as adjudicators, and to Tesco and Anti Edwina for contributing prizes. Congratulations to the three winners from each class.

100% Attendance
Congratulations to those pupils who received certifiactes for attending the school everyday during the term. This is quite a feat considering that the first months of the year are a period when colds occur!

Stories and Clog Dancing
plantThe author Anni Llŷn and the clog dancer Tudur Phillips visited the school to read and dance with the children. Anni read some of her stories and poems and Tudur taught the children to clog dance. Thanks very much to both of them.




Visit to Storiel
plantThe pupils visited Storiel museum in Bangor to learn about house cleaning habits in by gone days. A singing session was held, questions were answered and acting sessions held with the actress Leisa Mererid and huge enjoyment gained from wearing clothing from by-gone days. Everybody were also guided around the museum to learn about old artefacts.



Urdd Sports
plantA weekly sports club is held for Urdd members from years 1 and 2. The pupils practice team work, keep fit, learn ball skills and are looking forward to continue with this after the Easter holidays.





Wearing blue clothes
The school’s Sgwad Syniadau held a day to collect money to assist children in the countries of Africa an Asia to obtain clean water to drink and wash. The pupils paid 50p to wear blue clothes and £66 was raised.

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Dydd Gŵyl Dewi

Fair Trade
plantMrs Helen Davies visited the school to talk about the banana’s journey to teach the children about the importance of purchasing Fair Trade products. She explained that buying the produce ensured fair opportunities for the producers. The pupils have made huge efforts to bring Fair Trade stickers to school. Thanks to Mrs Davies for once again visiting the school.






Staying Safe
plantThanks to Gwawr from the Fire Brigade for coming to educate years 1 and 2 about the dangers of fire. She discussed her work and clothing emphasising the importance of smoke alarms. Well done to all those children who went home, reminding their parents to test their smoke alarms.



Poster Winners Competition
plantCongratulations to the five winners of Green Fingers Group poster competition.The winning posters will be displayed around the school to remind everybody of the importance of switching off lights to save energy and money.




St David’s Day
plantEverybody wore Welsh clothing to celebrate St David’s Day. The classes participated in folk dancing, writing poems and doing art work in remembrance of their Patron saint.





Thanks to Tesco
plantThanks to Tesco Bethesda for organizing a raffle on behalf of the school and collecting a very generous amount of money.





Visitors from other schools
plantTeachers from schools from across North Wales visited the school to observe how the pupils work independently when fulfilling challenges in the class zones. It was pleasing to hear the children confidently talking, and thanks to all of them for working hard.





World Book Day
plantIt was very colourful at the school as the children celebrated World Book Day. Everybody enjoyed displaying, discussing and reviewing various books.





PC Meirion
plantOnce again, we welcomed PC Meirion, and thank him for teaching the children about the safe use of medication.





Dona Direidi
plantWe received a surprise one Friday morning as Dona Direidi visited the school to open Caseg Dragons Fair and visited each class in turn. We had fun listening to her reading stories, dancing and singing her songs.





Caseg Dragons Fair
plantCaseg Dragons organized a fair to celebrate Welsh week. The Dragons busily planned various games and organized activities. Every class enjoyed in turn and thanks to all Year 2 pupils for being so hard-working and endearing to the pupils in the other classes.




Wishing a speedy recovery
The entire school staff extend best wishes to Mrs Briggs who has injured her foot. It is very strange without her and everybody is looking forward to her return.

Green Fingers

plantSo as to try and make savings and conserve electricity, the Green Fingers group asks everybody at the school to remember to switch off lights that are not required. The group has held a poster making competition that will remind everybody to do so. The winning posters from every class will be displayed around the school.




Urdd Clubs
The pupils are busy every Monday and Wednesday evening creating art work to compete at the urdd. The clubs also provide a good opportunity for pupils from different years to mix and co-operate.

Year 2 pupils have begun swimming lessons for the term. Everybody enjoys travelling on the bus to Bangor.

Open Afternoon
It was very nice to welcome parents and children who will be starting at the school next September. They had a taste of Nursery class activities and an opportunity to meet school staff.


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