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Cymraeg | English

The school promotes global citizenship through a network of contacts .Links have been forged with a family in Patagonia and a former pupil who lives in China .The first two initial steps towards being an international school has been completed and recognised by the British Council . Consequently the pupils have a good grasp of various cultures.






India 2018

An afternoon of activities was held that had been organized by Friends of the World to learn about the culture and traditions of India . All the art work completed were shown in class.






Elect Friends of the World group

The Friends of the World group have been elected for 2017 -2018.
This is the crew who have been elected.






Dressed in blue

The school Sgwad Syniadau organized a day to fund raise to help children in African and Asian countries obtain clean water to drink and for washing.
The pupils paid 50p to dress in blue and £66 was raised.






Den Day

In response to questionnaires answered by parents about what they wished their children to learn this term .The school organised a build a den day in order to help the charity “Save the Children” the money collected went to help children in crisis.

Fair Trade School

Ysgol Abercaseg has a current certificate indicating that we are a Fair Trade School and that we promote the use of Fair Trade goods .The reception class have been cooking and decorating cakes for St Davids Day using fair trade goods such as sugar, icing sugar and chocolate.






Fair Trade

Mrs Helen Davies visited the school to discuss the banana’s journey teaching the pupils about the importance of purchasing Fair Trade products. She explained that purchasing the produce ensured that the producers received fair opportunities. The children have been making huge efforts to bring Fair Trade stickers to school.






Cookery Club

Y 1 and Y2 learnt about cooking healthy foods in the club after school. The club has also provided an opportunity to learn about the importance of purchasing Fair Trade produce. During the final session, the parents joined in to taste the foods.

Raising Awareness of Fair Trade Produce.

We have been discussing “our breakfast” during fair trade fortnight and discovering which fair trade countries supplied foods for our breakfast such as orange juice , banans ,tea and chocolate .Through the use of a simple power point film the children discovered which countries were fair trade countries and what kind of produce they sold.


Cookery Club

Year 2 have been busy in the cookery club using fair trade bananas and oranges to make a fruit salad and to promote healthy eating.



international day

International Day

Each term we celebrate different cultures.This year we chose the country Zambia in Africa. Kizumbabwe from “Creative Diversity “ came to the school to show artefacts , food ,clothes and sing songs . The children tasted food from Zambia cooked by Auntie Marian the school`s cook.The whole school listened intently to Miss Thomas the nursery teacher in Abercaseg talking about her experiences in Zambia.






Italian Afternoon Summer 2017

The Friends of the World group decided to organize an Italian afternoon at the school to learn about the country’s practices. Mrs Fran D`Amora who is married to an Italian and who is mother of two pupils at the school came to talk about foods, traditions and culture of Italy. The kitchen staff prepared and Italian feast at dinner time. Everybody loved eating pasta and ice cream.


Raising money towards the Nepal appeal

Following the earthquake tragedy in Nepal the children decided to collect money towards helping the people in the country. .The money received went to help the villagers of Solo Kamu.


Celebrating St David’s Day and World Book Day

We annually celebrate our Patron Saint’s day on March 1st and World Book Day through holding various activities.


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